Guided Hike – Montsoriu Castle, Montseny Hike and Picnic


  • Travel north of Barcelona for a private guided hike of the wooded hills of the Montseny Natural Park and visit the Gothic hilltop castle of Montsoriu
  • Visit the quaint medieval town of Arbúcies and discover the delights of Catalonia's medieval heritage
  • Experience the tranquil, magnificent countryside of Catalonia “away from the madding crowd”
  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of this Mediterranean region’s nature and heritage in a guided hike
  • Have a traditional Catalan lunch in a local restaurant or have a gourmet Catalan picnic
Guided hike track outline, Montsoriu Castle montseny natural park
Guided hike track outline, Montsoriu Castle, Montseny Natural Park



Tour leader Killian Driscoll and your chauffeur will pick you up for your hike in the Montseny Natural Park from your chosen location, and you’ll start your tour driving out of the city with Killian introducing the day ahead, and answering any questions you may have. Throughout the day, Killian will share with you his knowledge of the region, and the places you visit.

Your hike begins at the foot of Montsoriu Hill. Passing by the hillside farmhouses, you'll hike through the pine and cork oak woodlands, taking in the views as you ascend the hill up to the Gothic castle of Monstoriu on the summit. From there, you'll have impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees Mountains, and all the way south to Barcelona and beyond.

The hike will take a pause to visit the amazing ruins of the Gothic Montsoriu Castle, where you'll explore this 1,000 year old castle that is being renovated and learn about the history of the hill and region going back to the Roman times and beyond. The castle was once one of the most important castles in the region, and was the home of the Cabreras, a powerful family (Cabrera means 'goat herder', and a goat appears centre place on their coat of arms).

After the castle visit, you'll continue the hike down the hill, walking thorough the cork oak woods that are harvested for their cork, and head for your picnic in the valley below.

Montsoriu Castle, Montseny Hike trail. Gothic castle on summit of hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains
Montsoriu Castle, Montseny Hike trail. Gothic castle on summit of hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains


After your guided hike you'll relax and have a specially prepared, gourmet picnic of typical Catalan food and wine at a wooded picnic spot. Alternatively, you can choose to have lunch at a restaurant of your choosing.

Gourmet picnic Barcelona summer
Gourmet picnic, Montseny, Barcelona, Spain


After lunch, you'll stroll along the small river to the medieval town of Arbúcies, where you can wander around and take in the sights and sounds of a small Catalan mountain town. The history of Arbúcies is intimately tied to that of Montsoriu Castle, and the town grew out of the castle's shadow to become an important settlement centre in its own right.

Ethnological Museum of Montseny la Gabella, Arbúcies
Ethnological Museum of Montseny la Gabella, Arbúcies, Catalonia

Hike and Trail Details

  • Activity level: Easy-Medium
  • Walking Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours
  • Walking Length: 9.1 km (5.7 miles)
  • Elevation max: 631 m (2070 ft)
  • Elevation min: 206 m (676 ft)
  • Total Uphill: 447 m (1467 ft)

Below is a map of the guided hike trail, with an interactive map that you can view the elevation along the trail. Overall, the hike is 9.1 km (5.7 miles) and takes about 2.5 hrs of walking, with plenty of time for taking in the scenery and photo stops.

The activity level is easy to medium. A few stretches are steep. Comfortable footwear is recommended (hiking boots are not required, sneakers / trainers are fine).

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