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Corwin, Chicago. February 18, 2018

"We were in Barcelona for a short three days, and took a chance on Killian's Castle & Archaeology tour. It was well worth it! He was very helpful and communicative, which ensured that we made it to Sant Celoni (an hour train ride from Barcelona) with ease. Once there, he met us at the station and took us to the gothic castle. From the moment we began the walk up the mountain to the castle, Killian shared his extensive knowledge of the area and the history of the castle. It was awesome. He took us through the building and told us about historical and archeological elements that we would otherwise never have learned. Following the castle, he drove us to a lovely spot in a neighboring town where he hosted a decadent and delicious picnic. Killian himself is friendly and easygoing, which made the multi-hour experience very comfortable and enjoyable. His vast knowledge is nothing short of impressive, and it was an experience that we could not have had on our own. Even though we were worried that we'd miss out on one of only three of our days of Barcelona city stuff by going out to the countryside, we were SO happy we made the decision and had an excellent time. Highly recommend."

Jason, New Jersey. January 13, 2018

"You can expect a lovely train ride from Barcelona to Sant Celoni. From there, Killian will pick you up and drive you to Castel Montsoriu, which is at the top of a windy drive up a hill. The castle is medieval and nicely preserved with ongoing preservation work. Having Killian explain all the details so you know what you're looking at was hugely helpful. The views are absolutely stunning, with 360 views from the top of the tower. It was windy and chilly, but we didn't mind. Fantastic tour away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, and interesting piece of regional history. The picnic in a park nearby was delicious too. Killian prepared wine, cava, meats, two cheeses, roasted veggies, bread, olives and a salad for us. We stuffed our faces and there was plenty leftover. The small park was empty except for a few people walking through. There's even a lovely creek running through the park for added nature sound effects. Can't recommend this tour enough, unless you have no interest in history or leaving the Barcelona area."

Ashley, San Francisco. November 24, 2017

"Killian was an excellent tour guide! But what really set him apart from the others was how personable he was and the amazing homemade picnic! He was very easy to communicate with too. Overall I would recommend this to those who enjoy beautiful views and interesting history!"

Jinie, New York. November 10, 2017

"Killian is extremely knowledgeable! He has passion for history and archaeology, his excitement is infectious. he's so open to answering all of your questions, and patient to walk through everything. The experience was so much fun, with some light hiking to really take in the beauty of Spain. The whole experience was so well thought out, that you got to explore, see, learn, and eat! His picnic is put together with care, you can really tell that he considered every aspect of the whole experience so that you'd have a good time. Killian's a great person and his experience will be a highlight in your trip."

Adam, London. September 30, 2017

"This was such a great day out. Something completely different to anything we had done before. Killian met us in Sant Celoni, which was only a short train ride from central Barcelona, and he was warm and welcoming right from the start. He was very knowledgable and obviously passionate about what he does. The castle we visited was beautiful and extremely interesting, and Killian answered all our questions, and gave us plenty of information about it. After the castle visit we had the picnic, which was wonderful. Delicious traditional food and some of the best wine I've tasted. My partner's dietary needs were very well catered for. We had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Killian."